Why research

Why integrate research in website projects

Each design project is lined by a grey zone of unknown. Consider there is a series of “I see!” moments, which you don’t know about but which may decide the success of the whole project. Sure, looking into web analytics or at questionnaire survey enables you to track down a particular trend. But why is this trend present and how to work with it? How to get the right customer? What do we need to change?

And why do we find out just now?

With research you get

  1. Validation of your business plan before vast investments into development and marketing.
  2. Complex information about your customers, which will guide you throughout the project.
  3. Higher ROI.

Matter of time

The most effective process flow starts and ends with a well-done user research, which should start the whole project. Ideally, it continually shapes the core strategy.  Research in a timely manner saves resources and shortens the delivery time for a product, which is both – a benefit for the users and a successful business at the same time.