My role

Picking up golden grains for your strategy

As an unbiased researcher, I look for the happenings behind the screen and I present a complex information about the conditions and opportunities on the market. This is, how your segment looks like from a bird’s view “here and now”. What influences it? How does it look like at your competitors? And last but not least: Who are your customers? How do they behave in the intersection of your services and their common life?

My research goals

Uncovering all the relations among products, outer context and users.

Substituting assumptions and postulates about your customers for the validated facts.

Mapping situation on the market and outer conditions, which may influence your product success.

Discovering blue waters of ocean and new ways to the customers.

Validating usability of a developing product user interface.

Generally, I explore:

  • How people use websites and applications

  • How everyday life unfolds in conjunction with the technology

  • What is the lifestyle, goals and beliefs users identify with, their shopping and other habits