How I work

Research methods

My focus is in qualitative research in combination with free data and client’s internal resources. Theoretically, I come from grounded theory applied in social sciences and ethnographic observation. For the collection of the material, I organise interviews and focus groups, or I walk out and talk to people as they move about or spend time in their habitats. For usability testing, I prefer to moderate it personally. Additionally, for the internal and recruitment purposes, I use questionnaires and moderate workshops.

Not to mention, I always work according to personal data protection rules and I am familiar with GDPR.

Starting the cooperation

  1. We talk through about your business plan, goals and known conditions of its realisation. We discuss which research outputs and which form of its presentation will suit you best.
  2. I think it through and send you a research proposal with a quote. We can go through a specify each aspect of it.
  3. We will agree on a project management environment, which will be a pleasure to work with, the time scope and we can head right to it.

Who with?

I cooperate with a voice record transcriber, notes taking assistant or another researcher dependant on the type of project. For your purposes, I can also direct you to a trusted copywriter, coder, graphic designer or project manager.

Are you my customer?

Usually, I am a good match for medium-sized companies, corporations or agencies, which have built their position on the market and know their “weak spots”. International environment and communication in English is my habitat.
I don’t limit myself by a focus on one segment vertical – the diversity of environments and topics suits me.

How much will it cost?

With the proposal, I quote an estimated price, which evolves from my hour rate 45 GBP.