Picking up golden grains for your strategy

Exploring life "behind" and on the screen, I turn to customers, their everyday life and the situation on the market. I arrange my findings into a context, recommendations or strategic guidelines.

What Can I Help You With

My research work consists of three layers. In combination, they strengthen each other and create a solid knowledge-base for your projects.
When you want to explore the terrain

Market Mapping

Maps the situation of your business in a given location. Which stage is the market at? Who are my competitors? Are there any legal issues? This research can be conducted in a purely desk-based method or can be accompanied by mystery shopping or interviewing.

When you start or get stuck

User Research

Do you need to make a strategic decision but have a lack of information to hand? Do you miss more experience and direct contact with the customers? This type of research frames the situation within your customers in their usual practices and gets you essential insights.

When you have a design concept

Usability Testing

Removing potential barriers and smoothening the experience, it helps to design a service, which is in compliance with user behaviour and expectations. As it is in the tightest relation to the final product design, it should build upon user research for the deeper understanding of user needs.

When you need to navigate

Research-based Strategy

Answering all the "How?" questions, it implements the research findings into specific tailor-made guidelines. Whether you design a product or put together a content strategy, using research insights applied to a high-level strategy will help you succeed.

What Clients Say

Feedback from people who worked with me

I had the opportunity to work with Michaela on a project from the client point of view. She was responsible for delivering the communication and content strategy as well as the plan of content creation. Besides the creation of a well-structured roadmap of the content creation, she did an extremely good job of mapping the competition and discovering some not known issues regarding the market we wanted to expand to and I strongly believe her part on the project had a great added value. I can, without hesitation, recommend her for research to anyone interested in penetration of new markets and in need of a well-structured plan for the future creation of the needed content for it.

Jan Zdobinsky Blazek Glass

I was cooperating with Michaela on Usability testing of a website for an international campaign. She supported me in running the whole organisation of participants recruitment, as well as in the strategical and analytical parts - scenario creation, testing moderation, analysis and final reporting. From the beginning, Michaela was very keen on getting the bigger picture of the client's situation in order to understand the whole background, so she could contribute the best results. While working on the project, she was proactively coming up with ideas and solutions of issues we have discovered. I can only recommend Michaela, her analytical skills and responsible approach to the project and client.

Klara Sedlakova ACTUM

I have worked with Misha on a number projects where clear communication has been vital in getting the right message across to stakeholders. Whether these are customers, investors or interested third parties, Misha creates solutions that work on a number of levels yet remain perfectly simple. In an evolving industry like ours, her ability to turn work around quickly and professionally is a real asset to lean companies looking for a competitive edge.

Rupert Warwick Solar Securities Ltd

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